Letters to the Editor

After the front page, the most read pages in any newspaper are those with the letters to the editor. On these pages, the reader can find out what issues are most on the minds of their fellow citizens and find out what they think. This is your opportunity to get your viewpoints in print and make an impact on public discourse. We strongly encourage our members to take advantage of this. To do so, mail or email your letter to the following publications. Be sure to include your name, address, and phone number so that the editor can validate your identity prior to printing your letter.

Amherst Citizen
Email: Amherst Citizen
Snail Mail: The Amherst Citizen, PO Box 291,  Amherst, NH 03031-0291
Fax: 603.672.8153
Limit: 400 words for a letter to the editor

Milford Cabinet
Email: Milford Cabinet
Snail Mail: The Cabinet Press, Inc., PO Box 180, Milford, NH 03055-0180
Fax: 603.673.8250
Limit: 400 words for a letter to the editor

Nashua Telegraph
Email: Nashua Telegraph
Snail Mail: The Telegraph, P. O. Box 1008, Nashua, NH 03061 
Fax: 603.882.5138 

Union Leader
Email: Union Leader 
Snail Mail: UL, Letters to the Editor, P. O. Box 955 Manchester, 03108-9555 
Limit: 200 words for a letter to the editor

If you need more than the word limits for the various publications, consider writing a full length op-ed piece. All of these publications occasionally print these guest editorials. Contact the individual publications to inquire about word count limits for these or other requirements.

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